Dagmar und Günter das Herz der Seifenmanufaktur
Melly macht ihre erste Seife

amba team

Dagmar Maria Rother-Degen

Dagmar Maria Rother sword

- Owner, lawyer and calm
- makes the soaps, manages the processes

and bundles the resources

Günter Rother

Günter Rother

- has an absolute nose for everything
is exceptional, rare and good
- is co-owner of the amba soap factory
- Perfumer and creative mind

and always looking for something new
- Product developer

Melanie Zorembik

Melanie Zorembik

- Doer and born communicator
- make sure that we are with you and you with us

stay in touch and meet you again and again

informs what is going on with us and what

there is news.

- All-round genius - sales, office, webmaster, back office